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It is often said that ‘Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.’

Truer words have not been spoken.

Generations of Americans have paid a heavy price to protect it. The generation that risked life and limb to secure our independence. The generation that fought to keep the United States united. The brave who endured two world wars to save democracy in Europe. The generation that made civil rights for all a reality. The generation that crushed the Soviet Union and brought down the Berlin Wall.

Those generations were blessed with iconic figures of the American story, including my own personal heroes…Frederick Douglass, who profoundly influenced Lincoln’s leadership during the Civil War, Josiah Henson, whose story inspired ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin,’ the best-selling novel of the 19th century that galvanized support for the abolition of slavery, and Martin Luther King, Jr whose non-violent, peaceful protests forever changed a nation for the better.

We ended the 20th century a nation at peace, the world’s only economic and military superpower. The world’s undisputed leader in medicine, science, technology and innovation.

We were a country with a common vision, a national purpose, proud to be called Americans. China was still an economic backwater. Our debt was a fraction of what it is today. Our borders were enforced. No one had ever heard of fentanyl or CRT. We still made things in America. Those who called themselves pro-gun or pro-life or pro-God were not ridiculed for speaking their truth.

I want again that time we once knew. I want for my children and yours the America we once had.

Winston Churchill said there comes a time in everyone’s life when they are tapped upon the shoulder and offered the chance to do something special, unique to them and their talents.

What Churchill said also applies to generations of Americans.

It is time for the professional political class in Congress to stand down.

To pass the torch to a new generation, filled with a passion for change, armed with an agenda to move our country forward, devoted to the freedoms we hold dear, determined to keep this nation the beacon of liberty it has long been for those who yearn to live free.

With your help, we will.

This I pledge to you.

Honor. To be accountable for my professional and personal behavior. Mindful that serving you is a privilege. Faithful to our Constitution. Vigilant in defense of your freedoms, rights and liberties. Devoted to justice and equality for all.

Courage. The moral and mental strength to do what is right. To make decisions based upon what is best for our communities, state and nation. To abide the highest ethical standards and to do so with utmost honesty, candor and courage.

Commitment. To the quality of life for people who call Tennessee home. To the future and well-being of generations which shall follow. To the personal and spiritual well-being of our people. With respect toward every race, religion, gender, ethnicity or political affiliation.

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